Friday, August 22, 2014

C'est Magnifique


After 56 years in the Villages West and East, the legendary vintage and custom jewelry shop C'est Magnifique closes tomorrow.

Thomas Paladino writes in:

"My family has owned and operated a small downtown jewelry store called C'est Magnifique since 1959, and it will be closing permanently this weekend. We were originally located on MacDougal street in the West Village up until two years ago, when rising rents forced us to move to East 9th Street. Unfortunately, the new location was not as lucrative as our previous one, and combined with a death in the family of my uncle (who was the main proprietor of the shop for the last thirty years), the store will have to close its doors.

We have a rich and interesting history, having sold our wares to over five generations of the most interesting New Yorkers you can imagine, from all walks of life, including celebrity clients like Iggy Pop, Madonna, and Johnny Depp (among many others)."

At the shop's Facebook page, Alfred Albrizio III says farewell. He writes: "I learned so much from working with my father, and I plan to continue utilizing those skills and making jewelry. Although the physical space of C'est Magnifique will be gone, my family's legacy will live on. I am devoted to my craft and customers. I'll still be doing custom work and selling my original designs from my website which should be ready soon."

C'est Magnifique will be having a farewell party tomorrow, at the shop (328 East 9th St.) from 1:00 - 7:00pm. Light refreshments will be served. All are invited to come and say goodbye.


Richard Federico said...

That's what I've been telling people all along...The Internet is the new New York City so I'm glad these jewelers can continue to build there business online.

Anonymous said...

I don't patronize places that brag about their celebrity customers. If you proudly ally yourself with those dbags you should go to Soho. The tourists and transplants love the celebrities.

Anonymous said...

So sad to see them go. I wish them all the best. Glad to see you used my Iggy Pop Skull Ring album cover design Jeremiah!
More Jane, Less Marc,

Binkydoll said...

oh that SUCKS!! I have quite a few rings and an bracelet purchased from their MacDougal location I wonder what will happen to their fabulous inventory of vintage pieces....

David Goldsmith said...

I have to wonder what the difference in rent was with the new location and what part that had to play in the decision to close.

Scuba Diva said...

@Binkydoll: Alfred plans to continue doing business over the web; his new business is called "Sterling Assault" and the site, of course, is; the phone number is (917) 648-8308. You can contact him at sterlingassault at

I notice this block has been home to a few jewelers at any given time, and at this time only one is left: Verameat, who is located across the street.

Deborah Frost said...

I JUST LEARNED OF THIS. I wondered how this institution could survive at the new location. And realize how long it's been since I stopped in to say hello there. They should never have been forced from MacDougal- they were the old soul of a street that is rapidly disappearing into airport/sports bar/strip malldom. This treasure should have been a landmark or museum, not forced out. SO TERRIBLE.